Our History 


Michigan Credit Services began as the Michigan Collection Bureau in 1946. My Great-great uncle, Alan Walker, came to Alpena from Port Huron and a small local business was born. By the time I purchased the company from my father, who purchased it from Uncle A.J, as we called him, the tiny company had grown to a state-wide credit reporting enterprise and a nation-wide collection company.

I’ve been involved in various aspects of MCS since I was thirteen. Over the past thirty-odd years, I’ve watched collections and credit reporting grow and prosper. I am extremely proud that my company has maintained its goal of providing top-tier services with integrity and professionalism. Our mission has always been to serve our clients in the best manner possible, but also to adhere to a commitment to assist debtors with courtesy and dignity while helping them resolve their financial conflicts. Over the course of Michigan Credit Services’ long history, we have held one of Michigan’s oldest collection practices licenses with an impeccable service record.

Today, as Michigan Credit Services closes out its first 70 years, I am excited and anxious to provide our clients with continued excellent service and products. To potential new clients, whether your organization needs collection services, credit reporting, or desires our Public Records Bulletin, my staff and I stand ready to assist you in any way we can. We are here for you. Please contact us with any questions you may have. To our existing clients, thank you for your support and faith in us over these many years. Our success depends on you, and I am grateful for your continued partnerships with Michigan Credit Services.

Byron Parr
Owner, Michigan Credit Services